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Update & Re-Design

Yes it has certainly been a long time in coming, but PC Arts finally has been updated and has a new look. All the information articles have been reviewed and updated. We made some additions on the Resources page to reflect current information and downloads.

We've still got a little tweaking to do, but only some minor things that you'll probably never notice. 

So what has moved and to where?

Probably the biggest change is that we've switched our site to a content management system. Having used this CMS for several recent clients, we've found it makes a site easy to maintain. The down side is that the URL's have changed for our articles and other information, but that should correct itself as the search engines index the site.  

We've also added a column of web building supplemental articles. That information appears in the right-side column of the site. This is part of the site that is still being tweaked. We'll be offering that supplemental material, it is just undecided as to what is the best source.  

We will also be adding several new articles covering CSS and basic html. Again, so many books and web sites are devoted to these topics, but we've got some tips and tricks to get you started. We'll also be adding a separate Links & Resources page for just these topics. 

We've put  thumbnail images of the sites we've created as a random image in the left-hand column. These thumbnails were previously only on one page, and we thought it would be nice for you to see them on more pages as you look around our site. The image will change each time the page is changed or refreshed in your browser. 

Lastly, we've updated our Nebraska Chambers of Commerce directory. We've checked all the links and added several new communities. We are very proud of the state where we live, and believe you'll find the directory very helpful if you're looking for things to do in Nebraska.


Last Updated ( Dec 21, 2006 at 01:00 PM )

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