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Promoting Your Site

How will your site be found?

There seems to be a philosophy running rampant that if you submit your web site to search engines that your work is done to promote your web site. "If you build it......" is something that works for Kevin Costner, not for web sites.

Let's take a moment then to examine search engines. In the very near future there will be as many web sites on the Internet as there are people in the United States. And just as there are numerous phone books for each area of the country, there are also numerous search engines trying to index those millions of web sites. If you submit your site to a search engine that has about half of those sites indexed, (and that percentage is extremely high) it will still be very difficult for visitors to find your site. Have you ever tried to find John Smith in the New York City phone book, without knowing which borough he lives in, or what street?

Research of Internet 'surfing' habits shows that only the top 20-30 sites that a search returns will be looked at. After that the surfer will, in all likelihood, do another search or use a different search engine. If your site happens to come up as #75 out of 200, or more likely out of 200,000 you will still have no visitors to your site.


So the question then becomes - How do you get visitors to your site? PROMOTE PROMOTE PROMOTE! In all the ways you usually promote your business, you will now include the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of your web site. Put it on all your correspondence - letterheads, business cards, in your newspaper, TV and radio ads. Tell your neighbors, friends and and relatives, and of course be sure you announce your new web site to all your current customers. Continue to tell people on a regular basis. When you do submit the URL to search engines or directories, use the ones that will target your area of interest. If you are a member of a professional organization find out if they have a web site with a directory where your site can be listed beside your name.

Email Signature File

Additionally you can create a 'signature' file that will appear on the bottom of all your email. You can begin to create a database of customers' email addresses. Train your sales people to ask for that bit of information from their contacts. Send out a newsletter to those in your database about any specials you are having, or possibly tips about using your product. By using this method, you can now save yourself the printing/mailing costs to send current information to your customers. Just keep in mind the rules regarding spam. (definition is: electronic junk mail.) Obtain permission before adding a person to your email database.

In the next segment we will examine the ways to maintain your web site and keep visitors coming back again and again. Return visitors to your web site will more directly translate into dollars than one-time surf-bys.

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