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Domain Name Registration

For a long time only Network Solutions handled the registration of domain names. Others registrars are now available, with different costs and procedures. We no longer have a link to Networks Solutions as we believe they have not proven to be reliable. Register is more reliable, but still more expensive than most and lacking a control panel. Our choice is GoDaddy, with an excellent control panel for keeping the information updated for a domain and domains costing under $10.


Please Note: A word of caution about Network Solutions: There have been many horror stories from those that have used Network Solutions. It is quite difficult to make changes in the contact information, and usually more difficult to change the hosting information.

In our own case, we had changed the registrar to GoDaddy and had received all the appropriate confirmation from Network Solutions. Several weeks after the proper transfer to GoDaddy, we received a billing from Network Solutions for the coming two years. Their own database had GoDaddy as the new registrar.

Hosting Providers

Top Hosts offers extensive information when it is time to choose a hosting service. They have articles that will guide you in deciding whether you'll need a Windows server or Unix/Linux servers. They both can be a reliable hosting environment, but offer different types of database integration. Don't choose a hosting service before you know what type of "back-end" functionality you'll need. PC Arts uses Hostgator for our servers, and they are listed as #7 in the Top 10. 

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