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Webmaster Communities and Resource Sites

For online assistance, there are numerous forums and tutorial sites.

Webmaster World is one of the best, and friendliest on a wide variety of topics relating to web site building, specializing in Search Engines and CSS. They have a section dealing with HTML editors also, for specific questions about those.

and Site Point is packed with excellent articles, including some business issues as well as web design. They have not been known for their tolerance of FrontPage users however.

Outfront is a webmaster community, who started out specializing in FrontPage, but they have transitioned to more than that.  They are now offering support for Expression Web, a new product from Microsoft.

At developer.com™ training center you will find tutorials on all of the following subjects: The Basics, DHTML and Layer Tutorials, Backgrounds, Image Maps, Colors, Images, Cascading Style Sheets, Tables, Forms, Frames, Link Buttons, Outside HTML, Explorer Tutorials, and Browsers

Another good location for tutorials on the same subjects, plus tutorials on graphics, is Web Developers Virtual Library. We did find this site a bit difficult to navigate though.

Web Development Library an archive of Web development articles - html, css, programming, reference materials.

HTML Dog -- How to make web pages - A good practice guide to HTML and CSS with both beginner and advanced tutorials.

Extensive tutorials located at W3Schools for web building - HTML, CSS, XHTML, and server scripting languages such as ASP and PHP.  

And there are additional goodies at: http://www.htmlgoodies.com/

Whew! that is quite a list to get you started. Once we get re-bookmarked, we'll add some links to graphics programs and resources.

Color Link

Color Wheel -- which will give you the codes you will need to place in your HTML and CSS to control the colors of your web site. The Webmasters Color lab

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