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Panhandle Computer Arts

.... is a web site and graphic design company located in Alliance Nebraska. We specialize in web site development for the small business owner.

The Internet is growing at a phenomenal rate, and as this trend continues your presence will become increasingly important. Whether you are providing up to date information for your business or sharing your interests on a personal site, PC-Arts will provide an artistic professional web site for you.

Services We Offer

Of course we offer Basic web site design. We validate the CSS and HTML since this makes maintenance of your site cost-efficient, and the site itself easy to use and more accessible for visitors. If you want to use your web site to do business with a government agency, it is usually required that your site be accessible according to the current standards.

Re-Designs - with the demise of Microsoft FrontPage, many sites will be in need of a re-design. If you currently have a FrontPage site and feel you're not ready to move in a new direction, PC Arts can do a re-design of your site, with maintenance done through a browser-based editor.

Database or Shopping Cart integration -- want to offer products for sale online, or to make your catalog of products available? Let PC Arts integrate a system into your site. We also offer the ability to create a catalog on a CD that can be mailed to your customers. This saves in printing costs and keeps your customers updated with your current products.

RSS Newsfeeds -- want to offer your vistors an easy way to keep up to date with your site or special product offerings? How about an easy way to post your current job listings? RSS newsfeeds may be the answer for you. PC Arts can integrate this feature into your current site, or make it part of a new site design.

Custom graphic design -- for a one-of-a-kind site design. If you would like to build your own site but are in need of a custom template, PC Arts can create a template that will meet your needs.

See our Services page for information about the guidelines and procedures we follow, pricing information, and payment arrangements.

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